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An exquisitely designed entrance gate will welcome you to this sprawling neighborhood with high perimeter walls and fences. Security by roving guards is 24/7, thus, you can be assured of a highly peaceful and secured property. You can sleep tight at night and you need not worry that someone will get into your home anytime of the day or night. 

Imagine walking along landscaped and well-manicured parks and scenic ponds and you get a picture of what this community looks like. The trees lining up the roads and  the lovely ornamental plants and blooms  all add up to the fresh and vibrant ambiance of this community. But hey there’s more – if you’re the type who wants to celebrate special occasions and milestones in style – then there’s a Clubhouse where you can hold your parties and reunions. Be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers, baptismal parties, graduations or work promotions. This is the time to invite all dear ones – family, friends and relatives to be a part of those events in your life. There’s a multi-purpose hall where these celebrations can take place. Or if you simply want to relax and chill with love ones – spending some quality time at weekends is one great bonding occasion. Just lounging around, talking anything under the sun or just updating with one another spells a heartwarming moment. 

The kids can play to their hearts’ content with the children’s playground.  The parents will also be happy as their children are just within their midst, near their homes. They can even bond with their kids as they play along together. 

A swimming pool also takes in the kids’ excitement, especially during summer as we get to experience really hot days. Fret not as there is a pool within the community where you and love ones can bond and spend fun times. 

For the sporty ones, there are both open and covered basketball courts where you can do your own brand of basketball. You may have solo practices or games but having team games is even better and livelier. Form your own teams, like inviting neighbors, friends and officemates and schedule competitive games. Playing and watching basketball games certainly takes away all the life’s stress away. 

You can also find wide outdoor spaces as a feast to your senses – be it in the morning or night. It just adds a sense of tranquility and solace to the refreshing surroundings. 

In contrast, homeowners can also be as excited and upbeat  to look forward to future commercial areas in the neighborhood. It is  a major plus since the residents can just do their retail therapy or eat out with your family, literally in your doorsteps. No need to go that far for your shopping needs and whims as well as  food cravings and  hunts. 

Lastly, a shuttle service awaits all the homeowners. Accessibility and transport will never be a problem as CAMELLA thought of this for you. No time wasted in your daily trips if you have to look for transport, as you only need to avail the shuttle service. How thoughtful and comforting it is to think that the company indeed looks after the welfare of its homeowners. 

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