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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
No Down, No Interest (2 years to pay)
Option 2:
Bank Financing
15% Downpayment, 85% Bank Financing

As Bacolod continues to soar high and flourish, expect emerging lifestyles and increased job opportunities. Slowly, new industries and businesses are thriving, thus changing the province’s backdrop of rich fields of sugar  plantations. The  locals are ready to welcome all the changes that this progress brings.  As the more sophisticated lifestyles are on the trend – more locals are on the lookout for better and more comfortable housing options. This is where   a number of real property and homebuilding companies come in.  This is where CAMELLA Bacolod comes in at the right place, right time and right location. The quality and affordable homes they’ve been known for in almost major areas of the country are proof of the leadership, strength and dedication they have  mustered through the years. The CAMELLA brand being a subsidiary of VISTA Land and Landscapes, Inc. holds a number of prestigious awards to-date as well which goes to show how many look up to their brand for all the successful developments  of homes and communities they have provided to many Filipinos. 

The people of Bacolod are no exception to this CAMELLA legacy. Thus, CAMELLA Bacolod  is definitely a  good housing option by this group – the Bacolodnons should not settle for  something less. They deserve a better lifestyle – one that is warm, cozy and balanced. The family providers should also enough time to  unwind, chill, relax  and recharge with their dear ones. All the amenities and facilities available in the community will take care of that. With the constant love, presence and support of your family, you can enjoy the time of your lives just looking and caring for each other and enjoying the best times of your lives. 

Owning a CAMELLA Bacolod home is the first step to your biggest investment. It is a wise and judicious investment that you will never regret placing your hard-earned money and savings on. The tangible and intangible benefits for you, your family and your future will be the highlights for this investment.  Yes, it’s one big decision of your life but ultimately, you and your family will only be too happy, peace and contented with it. 

For how can you argue living with your love ones in a place near almost life’s comforts but still you feel the sense of that old-rich culture and history Bacolod has been known for. Refreshing surroundings, lush landscapes, leisure amenities  around and improved balanced lifestyles truly sets CAMELLA Bacolod from the rest. 

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